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Thyssen of Galt is owned and operated by Fred and Monica Thijssen.  We have a passion for helping people find the perfect shoes for any occasion, and now have over 50 years of collective experience doing just that.  We are proud to be located in historic downtown Cambridge, within walking distance of beautiful architecture, a blossoming urban core, and of course the Grand River.

who we are
what we do

Our goal is to find you footwear that is both fashionable and supportive.  You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you certainly can’t judge a shoe by its look alone.  It is one of the reasons we don’t sell shoes online–not only do a large percentage of shoes bought online get returned, but most of them don’t fit properly either.  Your feet are incredibly important, and we keep them healthy.


We help ensure that the shoe feels right on your foot, that you are sized properly, and that you know a thing or two about the shoe you are buying.  Does it breathe well?  How good is the insole?  How do I maintain it?  Our knowledgeable staff will help answer these questions and more to make sure your feet look and feel great.

where we came from

Matthias and Jacqueline Thijssen opened Thyssen of Galt in 1971 as a store where people could find quality footwear. Main Street in Galt was a quaint but vibrant part of the city, with wonderful history and charm. Fred and Monica purchased the store in 1990 and have been managing it ever since. Although the hairstyles may have changed, the passion and commitment to quality has stayed the same with the second generation!

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