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Retirement Message

When you are in business, great satisfaction comes from the process of creation – starting with an idea and building something that lasts. There is pride of ownership from seeing your dreams come true and your family name on a company sign. Business success comes from many things, and it is not only defined by just monetary rewards, but most importantly, it is seeing that your products make your customers lives better! This definitely provides a feeling of accomplishment and motivates you to keep working harder.

In this ever-changing world, business longevity is also another measure of success, and we are so very proud of the fact that we have been in business for over 51 years. Two generations later and still providing quality products and great service to our wonderful customers.

We have also been so fortunate that our awesome staff have worked alongside us for many, many years.

The interactions, connections, and friends we have made along the way have been at the heart of our small business. Our conversations went far beyond footwear, and most often focused on family, travel, and life in general – those memoires we hold dear in our hearts.

So it is with great excitement, and also knowing we will miss these interactions, that we are announcing our retirement. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

We are so appreciative that you chose to walk through our front door – humbled that you entrusted us with making your feet feel comfortable and fashionable – and grateful that you chose to return again. We watched generations of families step into the store, from all parts of our community, and leave with quality and comfortable footwear. We’re so glad our family could connect with yours!

After climbing the mountain – we hope to finally enjoy the view. Our next chapter is just around the corner - Retirement – a time to be able to spend with family and friends, and hopefully travel again. We wanted to go out on a High and with a Bang and feel blessed to be able to do so.

Our Retirement Sale begins today, and our inventory markdowns will continue as we prepare to close things down. We’d love to see you come by for a final visit, and to say hi and bye. We don’t have a firm closing date yet, and our hours will remain the same for now.

A GREAT BIG thank-you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting our small business.

Fred and Monica

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