Back to School

Yes, it's that time of year again - Back to School. Did you know that kid's feet endure about 3 times more stress than the average adult foot? Their high activity levels and greater proportion of high impact activities, means a lot of foot stress. We measure children's feet and fit them with the proper footwear for their specific needs. Footwear should have good shock absorption, a well made footbed, breathability, durable outsole and ample growing room. Our Feet are truly the foundation of our whole body...

Final Summer Markdowns

Take advantage of our Final Summmer Clearance - up to 50% Off on all summer merchandise. We need to make room for Back to School and New Fall Footwear - which is arriving daily... _______________________________ What a wonderful evening for our 2nd downtown "Galt Love Event" on Friday - such a great success! Can`t wait for our next one - Sept. 2nd. Fun was had by all at Galt Grandfest on Saturday - sidewalk sale bargains, delicious food and great entertainment!!

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